Optimise My Gene!

OMGene is an automated method for correcting genome annotation errors. It compares gene models of orthologous genes across multiple species and computes the optimal gene models in those species that maximizes evolutionary conservation.

It works!

It finds and fixes a multitude of other gene model errors. These include misplaced splice junctions, the wrong start codons whole missing exons and introns and lots of other errors.

Run it on your genome (even the human genome) and fix hundreds of incorrect gene models!

Download OMGene here

If you use OMGene in your work please cite:

Dunne MP and Kelly S (2018). OMGene: mutual improvement of gene models through optimisation of evolutionary conservation. BMC Genomics 19:307.

You can also read Michael’s excellent PhD thesis on the subject here

Dunne MP (2018). Genome Annotation Errors and How to Fix Them